About Us

John has wanted to do this for a very long time. He ran boats for other people in other places as well as in the VI, for several years. When the opportunity came together for us to buy this boat we knew it was the right boat and the right time to return to the Virgin Islands to start up a charter business. Our first charter was feb. 2018 and it just took off from there. We have already hosted hundreds of charters.

We are excited to get to know each group that we have out. No matter if it’s just two people or a large group of people. People really enjoy being out on the water and even if it isn’t their first time to the Virgin Islands the excitement that they have on their face with the wind in their hair and smile on their faces makes our jobs so easy and fun it’s not even like we are working. We both love meeting new people and building new friendships.

Our favorite place in the BVIs is Anegada. The island is always fun to explore no matter how many times you go and the locals there are always very nice and super helpful. Our favorite place in the USVI is Christmas Cove. We can get up close to shore, it is always really calm and there is always lots of things to see in the water.

Meet the Crew .

Captain John

Together, John and Michelle are an amazing team who can accomplish anything together. Whether you are a party crowd or a family with small children you are in the best of hands. These two can handle any needs you may have and will show you the “very best” charter vacation ever.

Captain John

Captain John Hale

John has 6 amazing children. He has been sailing since his Gramps taught him how to sail as a very young man. He spent three years cruising with his family, sailing the Florida keys, Bahamas and Turks and Caicos Islands. He spent another two years sailing the Virgin islands. He lived abroad his own boat while running day charters all over the US Virgin islands and British Virgin Islands. The Virgin islands is his one of his favorite places in the world. He discovered that, that was his calling in life, running charters in the Virgin islands and showing people the beauty that makes up the islands and all the fun that is to be had there on and in the water of the Virgin Islands. He learned, while traveling with his children, that the only thing that beats looking out at a truly breathtaking scene is, looking into the eyes of someone else that is looking at that scene. He holds a 100 ton masters license with sail and tow endorsements.

Captain Michelle

Captain Michelle Hale

Michelle began her career as a crew member knowing nothing about crewing boats.  She knew a lot about boats by that time because she worked side but side with John the whole time we did total rebuild on the boat we had previous to this one.  For months we worked on every aspect of that boat. After getting rid of it and getting Second Chance we sailed it to St. Thomas from Florida. She then quickly picked up every aspect of the crew duties and within weeks had them down. At which time she began driving and taking over the captains job.  She needed some pushing but finally signed up for captains classes. She of course killed all of that and is now a licensed captain. She is a master, 50 ton with sail endorsement